Board & Council

Whether it is building soil, community, natural cob ovens, soap or turning the compost. This group is dedicated to sharing, learning and working hard to make sure skills are taught, food is shared, and culture expands. This association is 100% volunteer run. We would like to thank all the volunteers, organizations, local companies, farmers and friends who help us yo educated, share food, grow and learn.

Our Board and Council

Rachel Symington, President

Rachel Symington is interested in learning about EVERYTHING.  She is passionate about community and getting back to nature.  Rachel dreams of building an off grid home on a small farm and is working to build her skill set to make it a reality.  She loves camping, canoeing, hiking and watching her children navigate the world.  Rachel is an engineer having worked in the water resources industry for the past 6 years.  Living in Chilliwack has increased her passion to protect natural resources, particularly water and agricultural land (food).  Rachel is amazed by all the health benefits wildcrafting local “weeds” can provide.  She plans to spend 2015 learning more about natural medicines and continuing to experiment with creating wildcrafted tinctures and teas.

Meg Jordan, Vice President

Nova Hopkins, Secretary

Nova is a visual storyteller who helps good people do cool things. She believes in helping others by inspiring neighbours and communities to come together through the connection of nature, placemaking, and food.

Nova is graphic designer, design educator, and permaculturalist. As a collaborative practice, she combines a creative element with the information and design process of nature. By blending her disciplines, Nova is able to explore the relationship between patterns and processes in design and nature throughout her work. Nova unites her permaculture approach with her graphic design and background looking at imaginative ways to garden, create, design and build connections. Nova teaches branding and graphic design  at the University of the Fraser Valley; she also works with local businesses creating brand strategy and rolling out designs.

Away from her studio you can find her amongst her mason bees.

Peter Whitlock, Treasurer


Banning Symington, Chair

Teacher, rogue scholar, foodie, gardener, and just generally a general enthusiast enthusiast. I’ve been involved in nearly almost everything VPG has done, and have a 2 year old food forest for a front lawn. This year I’m eliminating borders in my garden to facilitate the garden’s choices as to where to grow and what, this is a microcosm of what I strive for in my life; “Create a great environment and amazing things will grow spontaneously.” I wage war on lawns, and support bringing food to people. I abhor food waste Inefficiency, including food transport among other things…Come down become a member and volunteer, feel great in the sun, meet great people, have fun, good food and good times.

Leila Bee, Council

Lana Van Boeyen, Council

Anne Todd, Council

Mark McLaughlin, Council

A huge thank you to past board and committee members

Dayna Fidler, Co-founder

Kayla Freenstra, Co-founder

Iain McIntosh, Council