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The Fraser Valley Permaculture Guild 

The Fraser Valley Permaculture Guild is an inclusive Association working on food security initiatives for the Fraser Valley. We are developing opportunities and programs to increase food production / accessibility and sustainability in the Fraser Valley.

Ethics:  We follow three main caveats: Care of People. Care of Earth. Share of Surplus.

Current Programs: 

  • Interactive Play Spaces and School Gardens
  • Farm 2 Food Bank
  • Earth Day Fraser Valley
  • Helping Harvest
  • Gleaning
  • Back to Basics 101 a skill

The Fraser Valley Permaculture Guild is a means to develop skills and to enhance human habitats for sustainable living. Permaculture aims to generate healthy, productive landscapes and communities by applying ecological principles and design. We are dedicated to making our community better, stronger, and more resilient to food uncertainty.

The Fraser Valley Permaculture Guild is working closely with many partners, volunteers, farmers and friends in the Valley’s communities connecting them all together. We will be educating, and providing programs (Farm to Food Bank), and classes trying to ensure no food goes to waste.

But self-reliant, no. We are inclusive. We are in this together. In these unsure times of climate change, peak oil, and economic instability, the one thing we do have is each other. To quote Toby Hemenway,

“When we create a web of interdependencies, we grow richer, stronger, safer, and wiser.”

We are opening up dialogue about food security, and doing something about it!

Community. Local skills. Local Food. Adapting in place.

This group formed to encourage and promote permaculture in the Fraser Valley, BC.  Every month we feature an engaging speaker who brings his or her own expertise and experience in an informative skill-building session in topics ranging from urban beekeeping, mead making, canning, edible forage hunts, mushroom walks, potlucks, natural building to mushroom propagation, and everything in between! Or perhaps we are working on a garden install, workshop or class. The HOME Society has ever so generously donated a portion of a building at one of their properties on 58th Ave. in Abbotsford for VPG’s use as office, store space, library, and more.

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