Farm to Food Bank Helping Harvest

Farm to Food Bank Helping Harvest

Helping Harvest is our seasonal food preservation program which focuses on keeping our communities fed when fresh, local produce in less available. These preserves are sold in a financially sustainable partnership with the Abbotsford Food Bank creating job and educational opportunities for families in financial hardship. The preserving of the food is directly undertaken by food safe volunteers in a commercial kitchen.

You can help support this program by purchasing the Helping Harvest canned items. Contact



Helping Harvest is a volunteer based program. Without weekly volunteers, this program wouldn’t exist. We are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand.

  • The weekly preservation is finished for the season. Please check back for the 2016 start date.
  • Address: 33800 King Rd – park for free in the VIP parking lot, and enter through Security doors on South side of the building.
  • Day: Every Tuesday
  • Time: 10am-4pm (ish)
  • Cost: Volunteer: Free
  • Workshop: $20 for first workshop and $15 for each subsequent. All events open to public. All participants provided with recipes and produce.

Contact: for more information

Leader: Juana Veters is representing VPG as our fearless team leader. Please connect with her upon arrival.

THANK YOU to our partners and sponsors:

HOME Society
Abbotsford Food Bank
Abbotsford Centre
Abbotsford Community Services
Dragonlily Gardens
Our many Farm Partners


Kids: If you want to participate in this program, and have children that require care, please have a conversation with us.

How it works: The produce will be delivered Monday before 10am to the kitchen, and when we have assessed what we have and how much we have, we will commence mass preservation, whether it be making soup, canning, dehydrating, blanching, or other. We don’t normally know what we’ll be getting, but we’ll be prepared!

A portion of what is preserved can go home with those doing the preservation, however this would be on a sliding scale depending on how much is preserved. Roughly 45% will go to the Food Bank, 45% for sale, 10% divided among those who preserve depending on time put in.

What we need to know from you:

  1. Do you have any food preservation skills you’d like to share?
  2. Do you want to learn to preserve foods outside of this program? We’re also offering workshops!
  3. Do you have children who would require care to make this accessible to you?  (If yes, how many children and what are their ages?)
  4. Do you have any food preservation equipment you’d like to donate?

Items and equipment needed:

  1. clean mason jars (preferably wide mouth)
  2. unused mason jar lids (preferably wide mouth)
  3. stockpots (preferably 64L +)
  4. water bath pot (preferably able to hold 7 x 1L jars)
  5. pressure canner (with intact sealing rings)
  6. canning racks
  7. jar funnels
  8. magnetic lid lifter
  9. jar lifter
  10. labels
  11. favourite recipes
  12. cutting boards
  13. good, quality knifes
  14. ladles
  15. stirring spoons
  16. anything else you’d recommend?

Looking forward to getting awesome food on the shelves of our amazing community partners!

Facebook: Helping Harvest

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