Fraser Valley Community Gardens

Posted on November 17, 2015


Fraser Valley Community Gardens

Community Gardens are an amazing way for urban dwellers, young families, retirees, and immigrants to get into the soil. Many, many older people who grew up on farms and have now moved into small apartments have commented on how live-giving it has been to be able to garden, and to garden in community. Inexperienced gardeners are able to glean much knowledge from gardeners with experience, and people make connections in the community that they otherwise would not, across generations, races, and all other potential societal barriers.

Every garden in this list is different, and we are so pleased to have met all the managers and have been excited to chair our Annual Community Gardens Managers meetings (sometimes more than annual–we have fun!). Each garden has its own manager and contact information, so please feel free to contact them if you feel that garden would suit you, or if you would like to help out. Each garden also has its own pricing, sizes, application requirements, and guidelines. Community Gardens are volunteer run, and every year, we work very hard to accumulate donated supplies and materials to keep people growing food. We have many amazing local businesses who contribute regularly to the success of Community Gardens in the Fraser Valley, and are very thankful to them for their support of their communities!

*Please note that previously, was the site of all information, events, and community garden data. The site was started by myself in 2010, and at the time of publishing this note in September 2012, had 700 followers and over 4,000 hits. All information and data has been moved from that site to this one in to make it easier for me to share blogs, information, and events through social media, and to make my life easier in maintaining only one garden-focused site.


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